SPH is the ideal polyurethane metering machine to approach high pressure technology while keeping a really compact structure and an easy control. Available in both standard and special configuration, it can be customized to reach any productivity goal.

Our high pressure PU foaming machine for small working outputs

The high-pressure polyurethane foaming machine type SPH serves the first approach to high-pressure technology. It is suitable for the production of low and medium density rigid foam small pieces, as perfect replacement for low-pressure machines. Its design is engineered to eliminate the problem of solvent disposal while keeping cost-efficiency and compactness.

SPH model can work with small working outputs up to 30 kg/min and, like all other Ekosystem high pressure machines, with different ratios among the components according to the type of foam and application.

The accurate equipment in high pressure technology is fundamental to get the best results in production. For this reason, SPH standard is equipped with top-class accessories while maintaining its distinctive features of compactness and reliability. In addition, Ekosystem can customize and adapt it according to most production needs.

  • 60 lt tanks
  • Gear pumps
  • Single-piston
  • Touchscreen operator board

Special or custom-made version of SPH: advanced polyurethane metering machines for your production needs

Ekosystem has also engineered the special SPH model in order to meet more intense production needs without changing the main features of the standard series. This version of SPH high pressure polyurethane metering machine is equipped with some extra features to ensure maximum precision, performance and long duration, as well as continuous control of real working outputs of components:

  • axial piston pumps
  • 10 bar PED certified tanks
  • external capacitance levels
  • double piston L-shaped mixing head
  • flowmeters for automatic output control

Not least, also customization of SPH polyurethane foaming machine is available. Ekosystem can develop particular technologies and configurations to further improve its performance and reliability. In particular, magnetic coupling can be required to minimize pump maintenance and loading pumps allow for automatic loading of daily tanks.

With two versions and customization available, SPH polyurethane foaming machine is the result of the research of an easy-to-use product with high pressure technology adaptable to many applications. For example, this model addresses building industry, furniture manufacturing, automotive, refrigeration, medical industry, energy and oil&gas industry having different requirements and conditions.

Are you interested in our high pressure PU foaming machine SPH?

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