The polyurethane processing equipment suitable for you

The use of the right polyurethane processing equipment is the key to bring out the best in this extremely versatile material. Wrong dosing and mixing increase the risk of malfunctions or faulty end products. To this end, Ekosystem manufactures custom-designed and engineered solutions to meet and exceed all polyurethane industry standards.


Low pressure PU foaming machine

Low pressure technology is suitable for lower production volumes or specific product requirements. Operating at reduced pressure levels, mixing and metering processes are typically slower allowing for a more controlled expansion of polyurethane foam, resulting in precise and uniform products. Also, low pressure machinery is a recommended starting point for new users, since it’s easier to operate and maintain.

Ekosystem provides cutting-edge polyurethane processing equipment where low pressure volumetric metering pumps and mixing heads are designed to provide optimal results achieving the desired specific foam properties. With different working outputs and ratios among components, our solution can be customized and used in a variety of polyurethane applications with unparalleled precision.


High pressure PU foaming machine

High pressure machines are favored for the production of high-density and fast-curing polyurethane foam. Also, they meet higher production volumes better. Mixing and metering operations combining components at high pressure levels result in a more rapid, forceful and major expansion of polyurethane foam.

Ekosystem designs and manufactures three models of polyurethane processing equipment with the best high-pressure technology. Equipped with axial piston dosing pumps and mixing heads, our solutions mainly differ in size and out. Also, they can be customized and fitted to meet any need and application.



Multi component PU foaming machine

Multi component machines are advanced systems designed for the homogeneous mixing and metering of multiple reactive components and additives for polyurethane foam production. Based on a modular structure, they feature a specifically planned arrangement of the single units.

Ekosystem provides multi component machines for the production of high-quality PUR and PIR sandwich panels in continuous mode using isocyanate, polyol, pentane, catalysts and additives. A standard configuration with pre-engineered modules is available, but custom-made solutions can be provided according to customers’ request and production needs.


Continuous sandwich panel line

Sandwich panel production in continuous mode is useful when high productivity rates are required. Here, the use of automated complete plants ensures efficiency and consistency, allowing that each panel is produced with the same high standards and features.

Ekosystem product range counts continuous sandwich panel lines, that is complete set of polyurethane processing equipment including roll forming, foaming, cutting and handling sections for the production of top-quality sandwich panels with different thicknesses, facings, profiles and cores.


Discontinuous sandwich panel line

Discontinuous production of sandwich panels better responds to low volume and variable production needs. Therefore, the use of a specifically-designed line can increase cost-efficiency and reduce production time.

Ekosystem can match its engineered dosing machines with different types of presses in order to tailor the right polyurethane processing equipment for the discontinuous production of sandwich panels according to customers’ specifications.

Your needs, our solutions: application-driven polyurethane processing equipment

Polyurethane foam production process is pretty complex and the risk of failure or malfunctioning is extremely high without the adequate technology. Achieving proper mixture and dosing, ensuring precise application of polyurethane is crucial to ensure that your end products comply with their function and perform long-term.

Ekosystem aims at giving shape to your project and make it a success. Our dedicated team is able to select and tailor complete solutions depending on your specific demands and productivity goals. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect and component of your polyurethane processing equipment is calibrated to perfection, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability in your application. Therefore, the result is a turnkey machine or plant, including customized features and specifications in compliance with your project.

Ekosystem production line ranges from machinery to complete plants. On one hand, PU foaming machines feature the best high and low-pressure technology, able to grant optimal mixing, dosing and foaming. On the other hand, multicomponent machines and complete lines are available for sandwich panel production. Among them, continuous and discontinuous sandwich panel lines are well-known and appreciated to produce top-quality sandwich panels with different varying thicknesses, facings, profiles and cores. In addition to product range and as further proof of its sustainable commitment, Ekosystem provides specifically-made solutions for pentane use, making machinery and plants compliant to the dangerous nature of this blowing agent. This flexibility in our production line allows us to cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring that our customers receive the most suitable and efficient solutions for their polyurethane processing requirements.