More than a simple PU foam machine manufacturer

Be a partner is what better defines Ekosystem: an all-round PU foam machine manufacturer which constantly works for and with its customers. Thanks to a complete and expert team, our company provides collaboration at 360 degrees from the first contact, through to consulting and purchase phases, until after-sales assistance.


Spare Parts

Regular maintenance is crucial for any machinery and plant to prevent possible malfunctions that could lead to production downtime. In the unfortunate event of damaged or broken components, their prompt replacement is recommended to restore machine working and not compromise productivity for too long.

As comprehensive PU foam machine manufacturer, Ekosystem also provides a wide range of PU machine spare parts. Thanks to a well-equipped warehouse, our company can rapidly fix customers’ needs with high quality and compatible components whether a routine replacement or an urgent intervention is required. The main categories of PU machine spare parts Ekosystem can supply include mixing heads and their parts, kit of gaskets for heads and pumps, pressure gauges and heating elements. This is just a part of an extensive after-sales service that our company guarantees to ensure the prolonged and efficient functioning of your machinery.


Mixing Heads

Beyond metering and molding, the high quality of polyurethane products heavily depends on a correct mixing process. Playing a key role in this stage, PU mixing heads need to be designed and manufactured with accuracy according to project specifications. Again, customization is the key and partnership with expert engineering companies is the solution.

It goes without saying that a specialized PU foam machine manufacturer like Ekosystem can provide these components too. Mixing chamber and mixer can change in size and shape according to the output. To this end, our technicians engineer, design and manufacture PU mixing heads compatible with most foaming machines in the market and suitable for different applications to achieve amazing results with any flow-rate and chemicals. Low pressure mixing heads are available in standard configuration with helical millings or pin-made for high viscosities and bigger outputs. High-pressure mixing technology includes single-piston mixing heads, double-piston mixing heads, head arranged for colors and mixing heads for the production of panels in continuous mode.


Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is a must-have to set and nurture relationships between suppliers and customers. First, it’s essential to provide users with basics about the purchased product and ensure they can effectively use it over time. Secondly, this service means constant support to customers for rising problems or needs after-sales.

In this sense, Ekosystem is more than a PU foam manufacturer. Deeply focusing on the achievement of customer satisfaction and creation of trusted relations, our company offers a really comprehensive PU foaming machine technical assistance. Thanks to qualified technicians and their long experience in the field, our after-sales support covers any machine and plant available on the market. Our team is always available through remote assistance via telephone and app, training sessions or onsite extraordinary interventions, depending on what is the best alternative for you in terms of need, time and urgency.



The innate transformative nature of technology continues to revolutionize polyurethane industry. As machinery evolves, businesses have to adapt inevitably in order to maintain high productivity standards and remain competitive in the market. PU foaming machine revamping allows industries to keep up to date and enhance the capabilities of their existing equipment without the need for heavy investment in new one.

Driven by an evolution-oriented approach, Ekosystem has become a fully-service PU foam machine manufacturer providing revamping service too. Our company is able to modify, modernize and improve your existing plant along the latest engineering standards, integrating advanced automation and smart technologies and breathing new life into your production process. The main PU foaming machine revamping services supplied by Ekosystem include existing line implementation with additional components or modules, replacement of mechanical coupling with magnetic coupling, complete revamping of pumps and mixing heads, implementation of systems for output regulation and control and so on.


Choosing the right equipment is always the first step to success. The same goes to polyurethane industry. Since each application requires precise polyurethane foam, varying in composition and features based on the end product, in turn processing machinery need to be tailored to that need. For this reason, it’s always recommended to rely on experts before purchase to be sure that your investment aligns seamlessly with your production goals.

Ekosystem counts decades of experience and know-how as leading PU foam machine manufacturer, therefore it is entitled to guide customers towards the right choice through the complex world of polyurethane. Our dedicated team is committed to listen to your unique requirements and translate them into custom-made solutions.

The services you’re looking for by your PU foam machine manufacturer

Before becoming a leading PU foam machine manufacturer, Ekosystem based its first-ever business on the supply of technical assistance and spare parts. Over years, our company has never given up to these services, but rather improved and integrated them. Today, customer service represents a distinctive feature of Ekosystem. The customer-centric philosophy extends seamlessly throughout the entire partnership, from the initial consultation to comprehensive after-sales support. Ekosystem understands that clients are not merely investing in polyurethane equipment; they are investing in a dependable and enduring partnership for the growth of their businesses. The overarching goal is to cultivate relationships that are both enduring and trustworthy. Our goal is fostering long-lasting and trustworthy partnerships with our clients, indeed.


The expert and technical staff is the key of Ekosystem services. At the very beginning of our customer journey, our team can help to identify the optimal solution through a dedicated consultancy phase. This is often followed by technical assistance sessions, which may include training or onsite inspection, intended to make customers aware of equipment features and empower them to use it autonomously. Back to production, as a specialized PU foam machine manufacturer, Ekosystem also supplies mixing heads and spare parts, compatible with most PU foaming machines available in the market. Strictly related to maintenance is machine revamping service.