PU foaming machine manufacturers

Ekosystem is among the leading PU foaming machine and sandwich panel machine manufactures worldwide. Thanks to Made in Italy and customized solutions, experience, know-how and high standard services, our company wins over customers all over the world.


A great leap in the business and a promising future as PU foaming machine manufacturers

Ekosystem foundation dates back to 2002 when the two current partners shared their entrepreneurial desire for the first time. Both longtime employees in polyurethane foam industry, they were looking for a personal and professional change. Together, they took an important and ambitious step starting the first business based on machine technical assistance and spare parts supply only.

The activity was successful. Customers were so satisfied that the company started receiving requests of brand-new machinery of its own production. In few years, Ekosystem became one of the leading PU foaming machine manufacturers with an international presence. Indeed, the company showed its inclination towards exportation since the beginning, starting its great expansion from Gulf area market.

The start-up of PU foaming machine manufacturing activity marked the beginning of a series of achievements. In 2015, Ekosystem launched and supplied its first continuous sandwich panel line in Saudi Arabia. Gradually, it improved and increased the range of products on the wave of market evolution. Also, the continuously growing exportation led the company to expand its sales network through European and non-European agents in different market areas, including United Arab Emirates, China, Central Asia, Europe and USA.

Gaining this prestigious position among global PU foaming and sandwich panel machine manufacturers took Ekosystem to the main trade shows in China, Europe, America and South America. Last but not least, in 2022 and 2023 the company was included in “Export Champions” on Il Sole 24 Ore, ranking among the first companies with the highest turnover-percentage of exportation ratio.


You tell us your idea; we make it reality. Always, in any way, everywhere.

Customer care, trust and professionalism satisfy our clients. Customization is our mission: starting from initial project, Ekosystem guides each single customer to the most suitable and tailored solution, exploring all possible configurations and technologies. The creation of long lasting and trusted relations is our second goal. Going beyond the simple machine manufacturing and sale, we ensure endless remote and onsite technical assistance and consultancy for any problem or need.

Transparency, respect and cooperation connect our team. Ekosystem defends and gives value to individuality, while believing in team working to achieve corporate success. Every day, each member shares its knowledge and plays its own role with commitment and professionalism chasing the same objectives.

Know-how, quality and innovation define our production. Experience and competence are applied to any project. Our team counts specialized engineers and technicians, whose knowledge and ability give birth to cutting-edge solutions for polyurethane foam production. That’s how Ekosystem became an utmost PU foaming and sandwich panel machine manufacturer.

People-oriented structure and size provide meaningful customer experience. Being a SME leads Ekosystem to have a more flexible management of the business processes. Customer service is direct and individualized, communication between team members is easier, decision-making is more agile, therefore optimizing response times, relations and end satisfaction.


Tradition and innovation meet to provide cutting-edge machinery

Ekosystem is a 100% Italian PU foaming machine manufacturer, ranking among major national producers of industrial machinery and equipment. Italy has a strong tradition of engineering and a notable presence in industrial manufacturing, contributing to excellence on a global scale across different sectors. Made in Italy brand has long been synonymous of quality and innovation all over the world, indeed. Ekosystem is proud to carry on this legacy, exporting its machines and plant to customers abroad for years.

The excellence of our products is certified by ISO 9001:2015, a globally recognized standard for the creation, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System. This certification attests that our company relies on products, resources and values chasing customer satisfaction and organization efficiency.


PU foaming machine and sandwich panel machine manufacturers with a green soul

Ekosystem takes on a large-scale eco-friendly policy. Our initiatives not only certify our responsibility and commitment to Italian industry sustainability. They also add value to our customer care since people are more and more sensitive to this issue.

First of all, Ekosystem contributes to the positive trend of photovoltaic installations in the country. Through solar panels on the factory, our company produce green and renewable energy every day, indeed. Also, our production processes integrate green practices, ensuring that our solutions not only meet performance standards but also environmental protection criteria. As one of the most respected PU foaming machine manufacturers worldwide, Ekosystem contributes to international projects aiming at raising awareness on the sustainable use of blowing agents. In this regard, our company can manufacture and modify machinery and plants suitable for alternative blowing agents like pentane or other types of blowing agents.

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