Polyurethane is a core component of many technical items in various sectors. Ekosystem is able to tailor every PU foaming machine for technical parts production by taking very carefully into consideration the features of end products.

Customize your PU foaming machine for technical parts production

Polyurethane is the first-choice material for a broad range of industries because of its great versatility and excellent mechanical properties. Sometimes people do not even notice its presence in their everyday lives as it has become such a common material. Aside from the common sectors like building, insulation or refrigeration, polyurethane may be found in countless specific applications.

Let’s take some applications as examples to find out how many items are made polyurethane and how Ekosystem can help with the design and manufacturing of custom-made PU foaming machines for technical parts production.

Foaming solutions for sport and recreation

Polyurethane is widely used for the production of various sport equipment. Ekosystem PU foaming machines enable the production of lightweight and resistant technical parts that contribute to athlete safety and performance. In particular, flexible polyurethane is applied to shoe soles to provide comfort and support during sport activity through cushioning and impact absorption. Also, it is the heart of many protective gears like gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and shin guards, as well as mats, pad mattresses and post protectors padding. Instead, rigid polyurethane is preferred to produce protection equipment like helmets, including those used in cycling, motorcycling, skateboarding and snow sports, for its excellent impact resistance and absorption during collisions. More in general, it is also used for the lightweight yet sturdy construction of equipment like snowboards and skis core, saddles and frames of bikes or motorcycles.

Ekosystem PU foaming machinery also dives into the world of recreation. Here polyurethane is chosen for the production of toys whose safety and durability are compatible with children of any age. On one hand, flexible polyurethane foam is commonly used as stuffing or outer covering for soft toys or playmats, providing a squeezable, soft and smooth texture. On the other hand, rigid polyurethane is appreciated for its durability, lightness and above all flexibility to be molded into various shapes and reproduce realistic intricate details. That’s why it is often used as construction material of educational toys like building blocks or puzzles, dolls and action figures, outdoor toys like sports equipment or hard-shell toy vehicles, due to its durability, lightness and flexibility to be molded into various shapes and reproduce realistic intricate details.

Use of PU foaming machine for technical parts of appliances

To stay on everyday life, polyurethane is often part of electronics and domestic appliances. Refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers and washing machines are among the most common household items relying on it. In this context, polyurethane serves not only as external coating but also functions internally as a layer for acoustical and thermal insulation. Its adhesive properties guarantee uniform application during manufacturing process, minimizing the creation of surface irregularities. Both applications of polyurethane provide appliances with top protection against external elements, preserving their appearance and performance over time. Ekosystem PU foaming machines enable manufacturers to control the density and hardness of the foam, ensuring that each component meets the exact specification required for optimal and safe appliance functionality.

Sanitary compliant machinery for medical sector

The use of polyurethane in medical sector continuous to grow. As a matter of fact, developers and chemical engineers choose it because it can be used in applications where other materials do not work. Biocompatibility is the first reason why polyurethane is suitable for medical sector in compliance with healthcare regulations. Then, of course, it is appreciated for its extreme versatility, flexibility, strength and resistance. Ekosystem PU foaming machines can be employed to produce various technical parts of medical equipment for hospitals and medical clinics. From diagnostic devices to surgical tables, medical tubes or microbiology safety cabinets, as well as patient support surfaces like medical beds, our solutions ensure that medical-grade polyurethane meets the highest standards of cleanliness, sterility and safety of the healthcare industry.

Cross-innovation between PU foaming machine, nautical and aerospace technology

As advancements in material science continue, polyurethane is reshaping the landscape of maritime and aerospace manufacturing offering a lightweight but sturdy and durable solution, able to withstand extreme temperatures, atmospheric agents and frequent impacts. They are two high engineering industries where precision, performance and safety are absolutes for passengers and staff on board. The foaming and mixing technology of Ekosystem machinery meet their standards allowing for the production of the best polyurethane foam for technical parts of both airplanes and boats. Interior paneling and ceilings, storage containers, passenger cabin walls and seats, aircraft controls on one hand, boat decks and hulls, seat padding, steering wheels, anchor buoys, floats on the other hand are some of the infinite technical items made of polyurethane.

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