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Music and polyurethane: can they be somehow connected? The answer is simple: yes, of course they can! As it is widely known, polyurethane has several advantages as regards physical, mechanical and thermal properties. Not surprisingly, polyurethane foam is also an effective sound absorber and for this reason it is widely used in the form of sound-absorbing panels in concert halls, rehearsal rooms, recording studios and so on. Moreover, polyurethane has also something to do with noise disturbance and acoustic insulation.

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Music is one of the greatest passions of one of the members of our Team, William, Head of our Technical Department and IT Manager. In Ekosystem William is responsible for designing machinery, developing layouts and technical drawings, and studying customized solutions for our customers.

But in his free time…William is a passionate musician and a talented guitarist! We enjoy watching videos of his live performances and, every now and then, we get together to go to his rock band’s live concerts.

The link between William and music is clear enough. But what about polyurethane and music? Keep reading to find out!

Polyurethane And Music: Sound Absorbing Panels

As mentioned above, the sound-proofing qualities of polyurethane are well known and make it the material of choice for applications which require insulation from sound and noises. You may not know that, but that quality is essential in rehearsal rooms and recording studios. As a matter of fact, soundproofing is one of the things that needs to be prioritized when setting up recording studios for music production or also other kinds of audio work. It does not matter if you have the most advanced recording devices or the most expensive musical instruments: if the recorded audio is disturbed because of external noise, the result will be very poor. Outside sounds do not have to be heard by the audience or by the musicians themselves to not jeopardize the quality of the music recorded.

For these reasons, most recording studios have a similar internal structure made of a layer of soundproof panels that will possibly be made of polyurethane foam. The sound absorption performance of polyurethane consists in its ability to control the propagation of sound especially inside specific environments like concert halls, places of worship or meeting rooms: in this case, open cell flexible polyurethane foam panels are usually preferred.

However, this is not the only application in which polyurethane has something to do with sound. As a matter of fact, polyurethane in residential buildings plays an important role not only for the well-known thermal insulating properties but also for its soundproofing quality. In this particular application, closed-cell rigid polyurethane foam is one of the most used materials in the case of residential buildings or industrial buildings.

But why do we need acoustic insulation in everyday life?

The answer is simple: noise levels are reaching unexpected peaks because there are more and more human activities that produce loud noise and disturbance. Noise may affect health and wellbeing in many ways, for example it can accelerate hearing loss, disrupt sleep, reduce productivity levels and much more. Of course, it is not always possible to control noise levels at the source: that is why acoustic insulation is required in residential buildings as well as in noisy places like gyms, schools, restaurants, factories and so on.

Noise reduction is also essential in the automotive sector, where acoustic insulation is needed in applications like engine covers, fuel pumps, coil packs. In this sector, polyurethane plays a fundamental role both for his excellent thermal resistance and also for its sound dampening quality.

In the end, polyurethane has much to do with music, sounds and noises than expected, revealing once again its great versatility.

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