Multi component PU foaming machines are modular customizable solutions for the continuous production of PUR and PIR sandwich panels using isocyanate, polyol, pentane, catalysts and additives.

PU foaming machine for panels production

When it comes to the production of sandwich panels in continuous mode, the quality of the PU foaming machine is essential to get optimal results. The final product strictly depends on the quality of the polyurethane foam, indeed. That’s why extreme importance must be given to the dosing unit.

Ekosystem designs and manufactures top-class multi component machines to produce high quality PUR and PIR panels with the best results in terms of performance and productivity. The standard pre-engineered configuration includes high-pressure modules modules for pol and iso, pentane, catalysts and additives and a top-class foaming cross traverse with self-cleaning mixing head.

Multi component PU foaming machine

Extensive customization and operation control

The modular structure of multi component PU foaming machine allows for extensive customization. With the help of the long and qualified experience of Ekosystem, each machine can be specifically designed and manufactured according to the customer’s requests and production needs.

Another important strength of Ekosystem multi component machines is monitoring and control. As any standard PU foaming machine, they are equipped with an operator-friendly touchscreen panel to manage and control production operations. Also, a cloud-base platform can be integrated for supervision in real-time remotely. This is an innovative chance to avoid downtime and plant maintenance operation with adequate advance.

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