Kyrgyzstan – Customized solution with low-pressure technology

Around the world in 20 years

Around the world in 20 years: in our first twenty years of history we traveled around the world, bringing our solutions, our technology and our experience in more than forty countries. A journey that we’d like to share with you in the following months by telling you more about its main stages.

Are you ready to find out where our hot-air balloon will land this time? In our last article we spoke about Uzbekistan and our project for a complete continuous line which was installed in 2020 and as of now is fully operative and productive.

Reaching Kyrgyzstan

This time we are landing in another beautiful country close to Ubzekistan, Kirghizistan. Here we have installed two low pressure foaming machines for the production of panels in discontinuous mode. Our Customer chose us repeatedly as we maintained a strong cooperation over time.

The first contact with our Customer was in 2014: he contacted us via our website asking for consultancy for a new project for the production of polyurethane panels for the refrigeration sector. Among many possible suppliers, the Customer ultimately chose Ekosystem…

thanks to your quick answering to our request and also for the good relations that we established from the beginning, especially with your Sales Manager Miss. Marta Romanò”.

Consultancy is key

Choosing the right equipment is not easy, especially if you are starting with a new project and do not have a deep expertise or knowledge. This is why it is crucial to find the right partner that can provide consultancy to determine the most suitable solution according to the final application, production capacity needs and the materials used. Ekosystem’s highly skilled team has extensive expertise in the polyurethane industry. We bring a collaborative approach to our partnerships, working closely with our customers to understand their challenges and develop innovative solutions together. We value open communication and actively involve our clients throughout the process, ensuring that their input and feedback are integrated into the final solution.

We asked our customer to express his view regarding our initial collaboration:

“Our collaboration with Ekosystem during the initial consultancy phase of our new project has proven to be the right decision. The expert guidance and invaluable insights provided by their team have played a pivotal role in shaping our project from the beginning. During the consultancy phase, Ekosystem showed their extensive expertise in polyurethane machinery production. Their in-depth knowledge of the industry, coupled with their understanding of our specific requirements, allowed them to offer tailored solutions that perfectly aligned with our business objectives.”

Customized solution with low pressure technology

In the case of our customer in Kyrgyzstan, we suggested the use of low-pressure technology, which can be more suitable especially with particular applications and also for lower production volumes. Cost-efficiency and ease of operation are two key features of low-pressure technology that were essential for the success of the project. As a matter of act, low-pressure technology can be more cost-effective in terms of equipment investment, energy consumption, and maintenance compared to high-pressure systems. For lower production volumes or specific product requirements, low-pressure technology can be a starting point. For new users, low-pressure polyurethane machinery is generally easier to operate and maintain compared to high-pressure systems. Maintenance requirements are often less complex, leading to reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Ekosystem low pressure machine type Ariel

Our Ariel low pressure foaming machine is designed and developed to grant the maximum quality in low-pressure processing of polyurethane raw materials. It is equipped with high-accuracy gear low pressure volumetric pumps driven by asynchronous motors. To ensure ease of use, the recycle and pouring pressures can be read directly on the digital pressure gauge. The heat exchangers grant the thermoregulation of the two components; it is possible to set the desired temperatures directly on the touch-screen operator panel and temperatures are constantly monitored by a probe sensor directly assembled on the metering line. Our machines are equipped with an intuitive HMI that makes navigation effortless, even for new users. With a user-friendly interface, understanding and operating our system becomes second nature. Our product ensures easy maintenance with readily accessible components, so that maintenance operations can be carried out easily at any time.

With our Ariel low pressure machines, we literally have travelled the world with many installations in different countries and for numerous applications. For example, have a look below at our Ariel 120 installed offshore in Vietnam for piping insulation. The versatility and compact design of our Ariel makes it the ideal solution for such kinds of applications.

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