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Polyurethanes are more present in our everyday lives than we think. We may not notice it and we may not pay attention to it, but it is one of the few materials which is used in many different applications and in many different forms. Versatility is indeed one of the most important qualities of polyurethane, which make it the first-choice material for many sectors and industries.

In our “Polyurethanes In Our Life” series, we want to explain how polyurethanes make our lives better. And we want to do it in person: this is why we are going to introduce you some members of our team and how their lives are connected to polyurethane. Keep reading if you want to know more about how a passion for running and polyurethane can be unexpectedly connected.

Meet Our Team

This month we want to introduce to you one of our Specialized Technicians,  Cristian. He has been part of our Production Team since 2017 and has been working with passion and enthusiasm since then, mainly dealing with machine manufacturing and testing, as well as installation and service at our Customers’ production sites.

Outside of the work environment, Cristian is a running expert and enthusiast! In his free time, he enjoys running and he takes part to many marathons and running events.

We asked Cristian to think how polyurethane can be related to his love for running and he came up with a simple answer: running shoes. Well, if you were thinking that his passion for running had nothing to do with polyurethane read the rest of the article and find out why it is not so.

Running Shoes And Polyurethane: A Successful Match

So how can polyurethane be related to Cristian’s passion for running? Running shoes, of course. Whether training for a marathon or just for one’s personal wellbeing, running shoes are the most important part of a runner’s equipment. The right shoes can help support and cushion your feet and avoid any damage.

Polyurethane is used in many forms in running shoes. Shoemakers keep choosing this material because of its material properties and design flexibility, which make it easy to change the shoes design or to meet new customers’ needs on a short notice.

Among the many attributes, polyurethane has very good resistance to abrasion and compression set, and also very good mechanical properties which make it the material of choice for the footwear industry.

Polyurethanes are used in all parts of shoes but especially in shoe soles. What makes this material particularly indicated for shoe soles is the possibility of direct soling process: this in turn allows to reduce costs and also to reach the maximum effectivity. PU soles are practical, waterproof and lightweight, and of course can be shaped in different ways according to the wished design.

The use of polyurethane in footwear ensures that our feet are well protected not only when we run, but also when we work. As a matter of fact, polyurethane is also widely used in safety shoes, where durability and performance are essential. Polyurethanes can provide lightness, flexibility,  absorption and resistance to slipping, qualities which are fundamental for safety shoes to be used in heavy and light industry production sites.

In short, the use of polyurethane in running footwear (and in safety shoes, too) is much more common than we know or may notice. Nonetheless it is one of the most chosen materials for this industry and many others and that is because of the many benefits it can provide and its extreme versatility.

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