Hydra is a highly customizable polyurethane metering machine engineered with high pressure technology, but still compact and easy-to-use in structure. With great flexibility, this model is able to reach a wide range of medium and big working outputs.

Our high pressure PU foaming machine for medium and big working outputs

Hydra represents a great approach to the advanced high-pressure technology. Hydra polyurethane metering machine is suitable for any polyurethane application with medium and big working outputs ranging from 10 kg/min to 100 kg/min and different ratios among components according to the final product. The standard configuration of Hydra includes the following first-class components ensuring high performance and accuracy.

  • 100 lt tanks
  • Axial-piston dosing pumps
  • Self-cleaning EKS mixing head
  • Flowmeters for automatic output adjustment
  • Touchscreen operator board
Polyurethane metering machine HYDRA

A polyurethane metering machine designed for top control and easy maintenance

Hydra engineered design reflects the goal of Ekosystem of providing a high-pressure polyurethane foaming machine able to ensure that every step of the production process goes smoothly and without any difficulty. For this reason, Hydra is equipped with an operator-friendly electrical panel complete with PLC and touchscreen board to set and check all working parameters and machine alarms.

In addition, it’s possible to require the installation of a secure cloud-based platform providing a remote real-time control and supervision of the machine which allows operators to control and improve machine performance, avoid downtime and plan maintenance operations.

Finally, with the same aim of increasing and automating production and optimize maintenance cost and time, Hydra polyurethane metering machine can be fully customized and upgraded with extra features and components like magnetic coupling and automatic loading pumps.

The advanced high pressure technology together with a compact, versatile and customizable design gather multiple industries around Hydra polyurethane metering machine. Its use for the production of both rigid and flexible polyurethane foam spans across common applications like building and furniture, more complex industries like oil & gas and energy and technical fields like medical and refrigeration equipment.

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