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    Corner press for cold rooms

    When we think about sandwich panels, our mind usually thinks of their best-known version, i.e. a construction material made of two layers, a PU core and equipped with joints and fasteners making it a simple and construction-friendly solution. In cold rooms and  refrigerated storages, thermal dispersion is a critical point: especially on corners, the use of joints to connect panels creates thermal bridges affecting insulation properties. In fact, if junctions are not excellent and the panels not perfectly aligned, the outside temperature will affect the inside one with significant consequences on the cold room purpose and use and causing waste of energy. Corner panels are the perfect solutions to avoid this problem: the lack of fastening and joints eliminates any risk of thermal dispersion. Over the years, Ekosystem has assisted Customers interested in developing this product through the manufacture and supply of complete discontinuous lines made up of Ekosystem dosing machine and Ekosystem cross press for the production of panels using PUR and PIR technology.