Ekosystem: Around The World In Twenty Years

Ekosystem: Around The World In 20 Years

How does the history of an Italian company start? Ours starts with values.

An entrepreneurial history that started 20 years ago on the basis of the shared values of two people. Tenacity, commitment and passion, along with knowledge and experience in the polyurethane sector, have been the core values of Ekosystem since the beginning and still guide our company today.

A journey, our history, made of many important milestones, both temporal and geographical. A journey that allowed us to bring our solutions, our technology and our expertise in Italy and in different parts of the world.  A journey that has lasted 20 years and that today we want to celebrate, starting from a new graphic design of our logo.

The hot-air balloon, a symbolic image of the journey, recalls the famous novel by Jules Verne, “Around The World In 80 Days”. A bit like the two main characters of the novel, we too have taken our journey around the world during these twenty years. The colors of the new logo are those of Ekosystem and those of Italy: the excellence of our machinery is an all-Italian excellence and we are proud to have brought the concept of “Made In Italy” abroad in these twenty years.

We have travelled to more than 40 countries, among which China, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, India, Lebanon, Poland, USA, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Spain, Jordan, Taiwan, Australia and many others. We developed more than 200 projects exporting 98% of our products and solutions. This value brought us a great recognition: in 2022 we ranked fourth in “Campioni dell’Export 2022” – “Export Champions 2022”, the ranking was drawn up by the famous Italian business newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” in collaboration with Statista. This was an important result: for us it was not a point of arrival, but rather the push to go on in the right direction.

Visit, exchange ideas, enter into the culture of our customers, in their history and their reality to offer our products and services with the aim of improving their business processes. This has always been our distinguishing method that allowed us to build valuable relationship with our customers, while respecting diversities and specific needs.

Celebrating our twenty years is a success and a great source of pride and we want to thank everyone that made this journey possible.

The traveller’s passion is the spur that keeps them in motion. Similarly, dedication to what we do is the motor that drives us to go even further and not stop here. Because the future is our goal.