Discontinuous PU sandwich panel machine is a turnkey plant including one high or low-pressure foaming machine and one press of any type, preferred for low production rates and customized shapes, dimensions and finishing of panels.

Features and benefits of using a discontinuous polyurethane sandwich panel line

There are applications where discontinuous production of PU sandwich panels can be the most fitting choice rather than the continuous mode. First, this process is preferred to incorporate facing materials with specific properties or special mechanical fixings within the panel. Secondly, it is recommended for applications where lower production rates, particular shapes or variable panel dimensions or layouts are required.

Ekosystem discontinuous PU sandwich panel plant/line is specifically designed and manufactured for such applications. The brand-engineered high and low-pressure dosing machines can be matched with different types of presses for the production of panels in discontinuous mode. Our company can support each single customer in finding the right match between dosing machine and press, studying and developing the best solution for its production needs.

High and low-pressure foaming machines

Ekosystem discontinuous sandwich panel line includes reliable polyurethane dosing machines for extremely precise and quality production of polyurethane foam. Depending on the application, high or low-pressure technology can be used for the production of rigid and flexible foam. As per standard configuration of each machine, pumps, mixing heads, tank modules, control and safety equipment are engineered by Ekosystem to ensure optimal results. However, high customization is possible according to production needs and end product’s specification.

Type of press for our discontinuous PU sandwich panel machine

Good sandwich panel production requires the help of a press which is able to provide the right clamping force to foam, plates thermoregulation and productivity optimization. Ekosystem discontinuous PU sandwich panel machine can integrate different type of presses whose selection depends on production needs, required panels specifications and efficiency goals. The first basic difference lies among manual and automatic presses. Respectively, they can be preferred for easy, cost-effective smaller-scale production or efficient, higher production rates. For large-scale production of and medium-sized panels above all small, there are also multi-daylight presses where multiple panels can be processed simultaneously, increasing overall capacity. Instead, angular press and presses for corner panels are designed to mold panels with custom-shaped panels ensuring precise and consistent results.

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