Continuous sandwich panel line is a complete automated plant designed to efficiently respond to high productivity standards and allow the production of panels with different thicknesses, facings, profiles and cores.

A complete sandwich panel line with high productivity rates and flexibility

Ekosystem continuous line is an automatic plant for sandwich panels production in continuous mode. Different specific-use sections are pre-engineered and integrated one after the other to work in continuous and ensure constant level of production. The seamless flow of materials and operations through these sections not only optimizes efficiency but also plays a pivotal role in upholding the quality and consistency of the final sandwich panels. Indeed, the plant allows mass production of panels having the same aesthetics features, structural integrity and quality standards. Also, every line can be specifically designed by Ekosystem according end-product’s specifications required by the customer including different thicknesses, facings, profiles and cores.

Standard configuration of continuous sandwich panel line

In the process of continuous sandwich panel production, a well-orchestrated series of specialized sections is arranged, forming a cohesive and interconnected line. Each section is designed to execute a specific function, crucial to the overall manufacturing process, ensuring that the production line keeps a constant and uninterrupted level of output. Here follow the main sections of the plant.


Roll forming section

An uncoiling unit is placed at the beginning of the continuous sandwich panel line to hold and drive the steel coil feeding the roll forming machine. Thanks to an automatic connecting system, it’s possible to connect two coils without stopping the line. The roll forming section consists of both upper and lower forming group whose main function is to prepare both metal facings of sandwich panels according to the end product’s characteristics. Individually controlled top and bottom steel pre-heaters heat the steel to the correct temperature prior to the application of the polyurethane. Also, the plant can include a specific unit to apply corona treatment on surface sheets. This allows to increase wettability and eliminate static electricity, therefore ensuring better adhesion of foam and improve the quality of the end product.


Foaming and double belt section

Foaming section is a key stage in sandwich panel production process. More precisely, Ekosystem’s multi component dosing unit is at the heart of the continuous sandwich panel line. Thanks to an extensive experience in the field, our company can provide highly customizable solutions to produce premium quality panels using isocyanate, polyol (PIR and PUR), pentane, catalysts and additives.

The very next section is the double belt having a relevant role in determining both panel flatness and polymerization process success. Ekosystem can supply modular double belt conveyors with different lengths according to specific production needs. Their premium design is the result of years of manufacturing experience and feedback from operating units.


Rockwool section (option)

According to final application of sandwich panels, customers can choose either polyurethane or mineral wool core. Rockwool is a completely natural product which combines great properties of strength, fire protection, incombustibility, thermal insulation and soundproofing. However, as it is not a self-adhesive material, the right equipment is required for mineral wool mattress loading, cutting, handling and gluing. To this end, the continuous line designed by Ekosystem can be adjusted and integrated with a specific section dedicated to rockwool processing:

  • handling, cutting and orientation of lamellas
  • queuing of oriented lamellas and milling of lateral joints
  • preparation, orientation and insertion in line of trapezoidal profiles
  • dust suction

Cutting section

After leaving the double belt conveyor, sandwich panels proceed towards the cutting section where finished panels are cut to the desired length. The cutting machine of Ekosystem’s sandwich panel machine is composed of an automatic panel cutting system with band saw, laminator out-feed conveyor and cross cut with band saw.


Handling section

Before staking and packing, a conveyor with lateral translation belts receives the cut panels coming from the cross-cutting machine and push them into the cooling system. Here a set of vertical forks hold the panels in vertical position while a cooling process allows heat dissipation and prevents surface deformations determining the final quality of panels.

Finally, the continuous sandwich panel line is equipped with a handling section where the last production stages take place. First, the stacking unit is designed to stack the finished panels exiting from the cutting or cooling section. Then, the stacked panels are then wrapped thanks to the packing unit placed at the very end of the line.

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