case history

Continuous sandwich panel line along the silk road in Uzbekistan

  • Year 2020
  • Location Uzbekistan (Central Asia)
  • Application Insulation/Building
  • Solution Continuous sandwich panel line
polyurethane metering machine

PU sandwich panel line running in the beautiful and colorful land of Uzbekistan

In 2020, Ekosystem was in Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, for the installation of a continuous sandwich panel line. The request came from one of the most advanced and long-term groups in Central Asia producing a wide range of industrial, technical, electronic, construction and household products where polyurethane is a key player.

Ekosystem addressed the building division of the company providing a customized solution for the production of insulating sandwich panels with PIR filler for construction industry.

A choice of quality and service

The partnership between Ekosystem and the customer started as a direct acquaintance between our Sales Manager and the Deputy Director of the company. We asked him to tell us something about his project and experience with Ekosystem:

We chose Ekosystem for their flexible and supportive attitude, as well for the visible quality of their machinery and technology. We were introduced to Ekosystem by a mutual acquaintance who recommended them to us. We wanted to start production of PIR sandwich panels and they provided full consultancy throughout all the initial phases of the project. We were impressed by their ability to follow our project from the beginning with complete attention to our needs and requests. We installed a complete line for sandwich panel production designed and manufactured by Ekosystem and our choice was one of quality and service. I personally had the occasion to share many unforgettable moments with Ekosystem Production Manager Mr Stefano who assisted us throughout the final phases of installation, testing and training.

Our solution for the project

A complete continuous PU sandwich panel production line

The continuous polyurethane sandwich panel line is composed of an initial roll forming section, specifically designed according to the end-product features. This is followed by the heart of the line: a multicomponent foaming unit with CFC free blowing agent (pentane) and double belt section, coming with all safety measures needed to guarantee a safe environment. After the double belt, the line is completed with a cutting section, where finished panels are cut-to-length, and a handling section composed of a cooling area, a stacking unit and a wrapping unit.

  • All-inclusive solution
  • Highly customizable
  • Turnkey plant

Project life cycle


Consultancy for customization

Listening and understanding the needs and request of our customer as well as its production goals was the primary focus of the first consultancy stage of the project. Our customer produces PIR sandwich panels as this kind of product grants superior fire performance, reduced combustibility and higher working temperature limits compared to PUR. Its production consists in different types of panels, with thicknesses ranging from 30 to 200mm, for different building applications: wall panels, roof panels, cold room panel, as well as insulation boards with flexible coating particularly used for civil construction. In order to fully meet the high productivity standards and specifications of end products of the customer, our team of engineers designed and developed a customized solution.


Assembling and testing phases at our premises

Once designed the optimal solution for our customer, the two core stages in the development of the sandwich panel line took place at our premises. First, our technicians focused with maximum precision to the critical assembling phase where the main units of the line were integrated and connected to form a continuous efficient system. Then, a rigorous testing and check phase followed. This step was fundamental to guarantee the quality and correct functioning of each assembled section.


Installation of the whole PU sandwich panel line on-site

The following installation stage took place directly at customer’s factory in Uzbekistan. This was the chance for both companies to strengthen the collaboration and the personal acquaintance between members of both teams was fundamental to develop a trustful and successful relationship. Our team of skilled technicians followed each and every step of the installation, from unpacking to assembling to final testing. Also, it supported the customer in learning how to use the line over time.  as proof of successful engineering and customization, today the continuous sandwich panel line is fully operative and productive, capable of producing more than one million square meters per year in one shift.

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