Along the silk road: Uzbekistan – Complete Continuous Sandwich Panel Line

Around the world in 20 years

Around the world in 20 years: in our first twenty years of history we traveled around the world, bringing our solutions, our technology and our experience in more than forty countries. A journey that we’d like to share with you in the following months by telling you more about its main stages. Are you ready to board? Off we go! Read this article to find out more.

Along the silk road: Uzbekistan

Our 20 years’ hot-air balloon is ready to land for the first stage of our journey. Uzbekistan is the first destination: a colorful and beautiful land rich in culture, art and tradition. Here, in 2020 we installed a complete line for sandwich panel production in Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. The partnership between Ekosystem and Texnopark started as a direct acquaintance between our Sales Manager and the Deputy Director of the company.

Listening and understanding the needs and request of our customer as well as their production goals was the primary focus of the first stages of the project. We developed a customized solution especially designed for our customer to fully meet their needs and the end product’s specifications.

“A choice of quality and service”

Would you like to know how this project went according to the Deputy Director? We asked him to tell us something about his experience with Ekosystem:

“We chose Ekosystem for their flexible and supportive attitude, as well for the visible quality of their machinery and technology. We were introduced to Ekosystem by a mutual acquaintance who recommended them to us. We wanted to start production of pir sandwich panels and they provided full consultancy throughout all the initial phases of the project. We were impressed by their ability to follow our project from the beginning with complete attention to our needs and requests. We installed a complete line for sandwich panel production designed and manufactured by Ekosystem and our choice was one of quality and service. I personally had the occasion to share many unforgettable moments with Ekosystem Production Manager Mr Stefano who assisted us throughout the final phases of installation, testing and training.”

Consultancy is key

Listening to our Customer is essential and it is a key part of our method, which we apply to each new project. Our primary goal is to fulfill the needs and productive goals of our Customer: every detail is fundamental to develop a tailor-made solution that fully meets the Customer’s requests. That is why the initial phase of the project was crucial to develop the right technological solution. Our main focus was to analyze the purpose of the project, the end product specifications and drawings, the technical requirements and the productive goals, to ensure that the proposed solution was suitable and effective.

A complete continuous line for the production of PIR sandwich panels

The project consists of a full complete continuous line for the production of sandwich panels, capable of producing more than one million square meters per year in one shift. Our Customer chose to produce PIR panels as this kind of product grants superior fire performance, reduced combustibility, and higher working temperature limits compared to PUR. The production consists in panels with different thicknesses (from 30 to 200mm.). Different types of panels are produced for different applications: wall panels, roof panels, cold room panel, as well as insulation boards with flexible coating particularly used for civil construction.

Full Continuous Sandwich Panel Line

The line is composed of a roll forming section followed by a multicomponent foaming unit with CFC free blowing agent (pentane) and double belt section, which is at the heart of the production line for sandwich panels with polyurethane core. After the double belt, the line is completed with a cutting section and handling section composed of a cooling area, a stacking unit and a wrapping unit.

Assembling Phase

The assembling phase took place entirely at our premises as well as the testing phase of the main units of the line. The installation stage that followed took place directly at the factory in Uzbekistan where our team of skilled technicians followed each and every step of the installation, from unpacking to assembling to final testing. This was the chance for both companies to strengthen the collaboration and the personal acquaintance between members of both teams was fundamental to develop a trustful and successful relationship.

Installation Phase

Our Customer is never left alone: that is one of the fundamental principles of our company, as we are committed to grant the same level of assistance, support and consultancy in each and every phase of the project and after its completion. Remote and on-site assistance is fundamental, as well as after-sales services such as supply of spare parts, consultancy for any possible issue, possibility of implementation and so on. Our Technicians are always available for any assistance request, so to grant a continuous production and solve any possible issue in the production line in the fastest way possible.

Today the sandwich panel line is fully operative and productive.

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