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POLYhedric Life

Fly with polyurethane!

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POLYhedric Life When boarding your next flight, hopefully headed to a dream destination, take some time to have a look around the cabin… if you pay attention, you will notice how much polyurethane is around you even inside a complex and sophisticated vehicle as an aircraft! Polyurethane is widely used in transportation applications. Certain industries... Read More

Hit the road with polyurethane!

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POLYhedric Life More and more people are becoming passionate about outdoor sports like running, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and biking. Surprisingly many of these outdoor activities have much to do with polyurethane. We have already discovered how important polyurethane is for runners in our previous article. Check it out here if you missed it! But... Read More

PUre Music – Polyurethane Acoustic Insulation

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POLYhedric Life Music and polyurethane: can they be somehow connected? The answer is simple: yes, of course they can! As it is widely known, polyurethane has several advantages as regards physical, mechanical and thermal properties. Not surprisingly, polyurethane foam is also an effective sound absorber and for this reason it is widely used in the... Read More

Bee Polyurethane – Beehives Polyurethane Insulation

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POLYhedric Life When we think about polyurethane, we immediately link it to sandwich panels used in the building sector or refrigeration sector, or to polyurethane parts used in the automotive or sports industry. But, surprisingly, polyurethane has indeed many more applications than we think… and one of them has to do with the most important... Read More

Keep Running With Polyurethane!

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POLYhedric Life Polyurethanes are more present in our everyday lives than we think. We may not notice it and we may not pay attention to it, but it is one of the few materials which is used in many different applications and in many different forms. Versatility is indeed one of the most important qualities... Read More
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