Uncountable uses of our polyurethane equipment

Fueled by commitment to provide limitless solutions and tailor-made polyurethane equipment, Ekosystem is open to projects spanning across different industries and applications. Here follow the main markets we currently serve, but if you can’t find your application below feel free to propose your unique project and require your custom-made solution.


Probably one of the best-known applications of polyurethane is building industry. Polyurethane foam is usually found in the form of insulated panels, blocks and boards for covering applications. However, also spray and cavity injected PU insulation is more and more appreciated and used by construction companies.

Ekosystem deals with a customized design and manufacturing of polyurethane equipment for building industry, including a specialization in multi component machines and complete lines for continuous and discontinuous sandwich panel production.



Insulating properties of polyurethane are the perfect match for refrigeration industry, allowing for the correct preservation of food at low temperatures along its entire life cycle. Not only industrial systems but, as many house appliances brands prove, also domestic freezers and refrigerators rely on polyurethane.

From production to distribution, Ekosystem supports all cold food chain with specifically-made polyurethane equipment designed to bring polyurethane foam into food industries, shops, supermarkets and houses.



Driving safety and comfort often lie in the presence of polyurethane foam in specific parts of vehicles. Both internally and externally, polyurethane is a winning material to meet these two necessary driving requirements without giving up to aesthetics at the same time.   

Ekosystem can be the perfect partner for car companies. Depending on the specific auto part to be produced, standard or tailor-made polyurethane equipment can be designed for the processing of rigid or flexible foam.



Polyurethane is everywhere around us. To understand how extensively it’s present in our everyday life, it’s enough to have a look at our home or office furnishings and accessories. Furniture industry is illustrative of the possible combination of functionality, comfort and design by the use of polyurethane.

Ekosystem makes its competence available to customize the proper polyurethane equipment for furniture factories where both rigid and flexible foam is widely used to inject and produce the most common furnishings and decors.


Oil & Gas

Together with insulation properties, durability and resistance of polyurethane are the most appreciated features by Oil&Gas industry and other energy-related sectors. These are particularly challenging fields where wear and tear of components are inevitable due to frequent exposition to hard environmental and operating conditions.

Ekosystem embraces even the most demanding projects and offers high customizable design and manufacturing of polyurethane equipment for the realization of technical parts for Oil&Gas and energy industry.


And many other

Polyurethane application goes beyond boundaries. Sport, footwear, textile, upholstery, medical, electronics, shipbuilding are among non-mentioned industries relying on polyurethane for the realization of technical items or parts.

Following the versatility of polyurethane, Ekosystem proposes a wide variety of polyurethane equipment. Our solutions range from PU foaming machines to complete sandwich panel lines and customization is always possible to comply with any project and application specifications.

Select your need and get your polyurethane equipment

Ekosystem addresses plenty of industries with specifically-made polyurethane equipment. Being a versatile material, polyurethane finds extensive use for the production of everyday industrial and household products. However, each application has so specific requirements that foam processing is the first crucial step to achieve optimal results, indeed. The high customization of our designed and engineered machines and plants for polyurethane mixing, metering and foaming allows virtually all industries to get the most suitable solution for its unique needs.

Since its foundation, Ekosystem has partnered with numerous customers around the world supplying polyurethane equipment and acquiring a long-year and diversified on-field experience. Our company is now a benchmark for the most common industries using polyurethane, including building and construction, insulation, refrigeration, automotive and furniture. Aside them, more specific industries where polyurethane is now a must-have to build technical parts rely on Ekosystem. It’s the case of oil and gas industry, energy sector and shipbuilding, as well as electronic, sport, footwear, medical, packaging, textile and upholstery and many other fields.

Again, dedication to innovation and flexibility is what brings our company close to both familiar and unexplored fields where such a versatile material may yield high performance. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize polyurethane equipment, bridging the gap between well-established industries and emerging fields.