Engineering of premium PU foaming machines and plants

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Development and production of custom-made machinery for our clients

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YEARS Long-standing experience in the sector

Well-established international presence in more than 38 countries


Market presence
since 2002

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Strong network of partners around the world

PU foaming machine

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Engineering, design and manufacturing of highly customizable polyurethane foaming machines with the best low and high-pressure technology for mixing, dosing and foaming operations.
PU sandwich panel line

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Engineering, design and manufacturing of complete and custom-made plants for different polyurethane applications and sandwich panel production in continuous and discontinuous mode.


versatility is the key. our company manufactures the most suitable and performing pu foaming machine for every industry.


Polyurethane processing equipment for residential and industrial use: roofs, ceilings, walls and walls, floors, pipes for example.


Ad hoc solutions for the processing of polyurethane foam for the most varied industrial and household refrigeration systems.


Foaming and processing equipment for the widespread and specialized use of polyurethane for the realization of vehicles parts.


Plants and machines to process polyurethane for furniture manufacturing to be used in everyday home and work life.

Oil & Gas

Specifically designed turnkey plants and polyurethane foaming machines for oil and gas industry or other energy-related sectors.

And Many Other

Sports / Shipbuilding / Medical / Packaging / Textiles / Electronics / Footwear / Upholstery / Bedding / Renewable Energies …

our fully customer-oriented approach includes pre, post-sales services to support any pu foaming machine purchase.
Spare parts for PU foaming machine


Stock availability of spare parts to promptly restore the functioning of our customers’ machines in case of wear, damage or failure and avoid prolonged downtime.
Mixing heads for PU foaming machine
Mixing Heads

Design and manufacturing of mixing heads which are compatible with most industrial applications and machines in the market plus ours.

Technical Assistance
Supply of technical assistance, training and onsite inspection on every polyurethane foaming machine and equipment on the market by our expert team.
PU foaming machine revamping
Specialized interventions intended to implement, modernize and improve existing lines or machines when production optimization is required by the customer.
Experience and know-how of our technicians at customers’ disposal to guide and support the selection of the best and most suitable solution for their needs.


behind the scenes of ekosystem: where people and technology meet to elevate your standards.



PU foaming machine and equipment manufacturing since 2002

Ekosystem was founded in 2002 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in polyurethane industry.  The business started with technical assistance, but within a short time customers started asking for machinery too.

Today, Ekosystem is a company made of passionate experts who have witnessed the growth of this company and have played an active role in it. The awareness that their own contribution together with their experience have taken Ekosystem to a high international level is the motivation force that pushes the company to raise a high bar.

Choose the power and history of Italian engineering for your PU foaming machine

Ekosystem is an Italian manufacturer of PU foaming machine and equipment. Since 2002, the company has been designing and producing low pressure and high-pressure machinery, as well as continuous, discontinuous and turnkey plants for different polyurethane applications and sandwich panel production.

Our goal is simple: to develop solutions aimed at enhancing our customers’ success. This is why, we provide both standard and custom-engineered machinery, specifically designed according to projects and production needs. Polyurethane counts endless applications, each requiring precise processing specifications to ensure the quality of final products. Ekosystem boasts a great expert team whose experience and know-how about engineering innovations, industrial sectors and market evolution allows for the manufacturing of ever excellent polyurethane foaming machines.

But that is not all: the value of Ekosystem goes beyond engineering and manufacturing. The company aims at being a trusted partner over time and relies on a dedicated team which will always be available for any request and intervention. We chase customer satisfaction providing collateral services around the mere purchase of a PU foaming machine and equipment. We offer pre-sale accurate consultancy towards the right selection and after sales services in terms of assistance, maintenance and revamping interventions.

Our PU foaming machines run the world

Being Italian is source of pride and any activity Ekosystem undertakes is focused on strengthening the concept of “made in Italy” in terms of quality, reliability and integrity. In fact, the premium quality of our machinery is well-know and appreciated all over the world. The core of the company lies in headquarters located in Italy. However, a wide network of agents in European and non-European countries allows to bring Italian machinery quality abroad contributing to the success of foreign companies working in one of the infinite polyurethane industries.